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Meet Dr. Mark Seitz of Dayton Spinal Care

Once a sufferer of severe back pain himself, Dr. Mark Seitz; became a chiropractor to help others just as he had been helped.

“I was suffering from acute pain and our family doctor couldn’t find a way of producing relief. Thankfully, I was introduced to chiropractic on the suggestion of my dad,” says Dr. Seitz.

Chiropractic changed his life. He pursued becoming a chiropractor so he could help others just as he had been so profoundly helped.

The Patient Becomes a Doctor

“I know what it’s like,” remembers Dr. Seitz. “You feel desperate and alone. So we take it slow, offering explanations, building trust and demonstrating compassion and understanding.”

Dr. Mark Seitz takes an evidence-based approach to patient care, relying on a variety of time-tested procedures to assess and help patients suffering from a multitude of health issues.

“It’s crucial to fully understand the patient’s problem, and only then think about the most appropriate treatment,” says Dr. Mark Seitz.

A Heart for Helping Children

Many patients express surprise when they see so many children in the practice. However, difficult births, learning to walk, falls and tumbles, youth sports injuries and the like are all too common and often neglected.

“The youngest patient I have ever treated was a 6-week old baby,” says Dr. Mark Seitz proudly. “I get an unusual amount of satisfaction helping children. Not only is so much of their suffering easy to resolve, newborns, infants and youngsters often respond quickly to chiropractic care.”

When Can We Meet?

“I hope I have the opportunity to meet you and explore what today’s safe and natural chiropractic care can do for you. Explore our website and then give me a call. Tour our practice. Let’s discuss your health issue and consider the possibilities.”

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