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What to Expect at Dayton Spinal Care

“I am keenly aware of most people’s natural resistance, reluctance and even fear to try something new or different,” nods Dr. Seitz. “So we always invest the time to explain the purpose of every procedure in advance. Our motto: No Surprises!”

If You Are In Pain…

Many people who seek chiropractic care are at the end of their rope. They don’t feel well; they’re worried, nervous and often apprehensive.


At Dayton Spinal Care, we take pride in being able to understand your first-visit concerns. Patients often remark how Dr. Seitz put them at ease, provided reassurance and most important of all, gave them hope.

“The chiropractic treatment involves helping people who have been suffering from acute pain, often for weeks. Providing comfort is extremely important,” says Dr. Seitz.

Taking the Time to Truly Understand

On your first visit, you’ll be encouraged to fully communicate the nature and severity of your health issue. When did it start? What makes it worse? What other methods have you tried?

“I think the first visit is the most important of all,” observes Dr. Seitz. “That’s why I’m willing to invest 60 to 90 minutes on that first visit to truly understand each patient’s situation. I want to know the whole story. I’ll profoundly listen and take notes.”

No ‘Slam Bam’ Here!

Because a series of chiropractic adjustments are necessary to create the spinal changes necessary for relief and healing, keeping your visit schedule is important.

Dr. Seitz doesn’t herd you through an assembly line! On a typical visit, plan on anywhere from 15 minutes or longer. He will take the time necessary to do the muscle and soft tissue work that is so important, yet often overlooked elsewhere.

At Dayton Spinal Care you’ll have our undivided attention. You’ll notice how this contributes to better communication, faster healing and ultimately happier patients.

Find Out For Yourself

“I am happy to come to the aid of anyone suffering from virtually any kind of pain that requires chiropractic treatment,” says Dr. Mark Seitz.

Check out our FAQ page to see some of the more common questions we get asked at Dayton Spinal Care.

Can Dr. Seitz help you? Find out by setting a time in which you can sit down with him and discuss your concerns. If he can help, he’ll tell you. If he can’t he will direct you to someone who can.

It all starts with a phone call: (937) 424-8400