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Who We Help at Dayton Spinal Care

Dayton Spinal Care has helped hundreds of people suffering from a wide variety of health issues and concerns.

Dr. Mark Seitz is proficient with the latest techniques to help tame any number of aches and pains. Some of the more common reasons patients consult us include:

Centerville Chiropractor can help!

Call Dr. Seitz to find out if your neuromuscular-skeletal complaint can be helped.

  • Back Pain – At one time or another, just about everyone has a bout with back pain. Choose Dayton Spinal Care for a natural, drug-free approach to pain resolution.
  • Lower Back Pain – With both physical and emotional stress as common culprits, Dr. Seitz has helped countless people in the Dayton area with low back pain.
  • Neck Pain – Reduced mobility in the neck is often a precursor to headaches and migraines. It’s not “all in your head” nor should you “learn to live with it.”
  • Muscle Strain – Whether from overdoing it in the garden, sweeping the garage or shoveling snow, resolving muscle strains is so common it’s practically routine.
  • Sciatica/Radiculopathy – Pain shooting down the back of your legs? Numbness and tingling in your arms or wrist? Make an appointment with Dr. Seitz immediately.

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Find out if your neuromuscular-skeletal complaint can be helped with the special touch offered by Dr. Mark Seitz at Dayton Spinal Care. Simply call and arrange a convenient time to meet Dr. Seitz and discuss your health issue. (937) 424-8400